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We Have Puzzles!
There is nothing like a puzzle to bring the family together or to while away a few calm, quiet hours on your own. 

We carry Springbok, Pomegranate, New York Puzzle Company, and Ravensberger brands.

We also have an impressive selection of puzzle books. Whether you enjoy crosswords, any of the different forms of sudoku, logic puzzles, word puzzles, etc. we have them all!

We are especially proud to carry wooden, laser cut ARTIFACT PUZZLES from CALIFORNIA.

We all love puzzles, and these wonderful, old fashioned Artifact Puzzles are some of the very best any of us have ever worked! Artifact Puzzles are made with the finest inks, so their colors are deep and true.  More than a quarter inch maple veneer plywood makes the pieces especially sturdy.  Every puzzle includes dozens of intricate 'whimsy' pieces shaped as animals, characters and fanciful geometric designs.  The price of an Artifact Puzzle ranges from $30 to $180.  Whether purchased for personal pleasure, to become a family heirloom, or for that gift for one who 'has everything', an Artifact Puzzle really is worth the price!

Check out the full catalog of available puzzles at www.artifactpuzzles.com.

We will be happy to order any designs you want. As with any special order for store pickup, there is no shipping or handling charge