Tic & Twitch: A Story About Tourette Syndrome (Paperback)

Tic & Twitch: A Story About Tourette Syndrome By Melissa Mederos, Adam Sanford (Illustrator), Barbara Fernandez (Editor) Cover Image
By Melissa Mederos, Adam Sanford (Illustrator), Barbara Fernandez (Editor)
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Through friendship, kindness, love, and acceptance, all things can be achieved

Tic & Twitch: A Story About Tourette Syndrome

Tommy was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of 13. Rather than hating and resenting his reality, Tommy was able to accept Tourette's as something more that contributed to his uniqueness in the world. Even so, growing up with Tourette's is challenging. Tic and Twitch is a story about those challenges and about the beautiful things in life that make those challenges tolerable. These beautiful things to hold dear are family, friendship, kindness, love, acceptance, and learning to embrace what makes you the special person you are.

In this book...

- Tourette Syndrome is a neurological condition that causes a person to make involuntary, repetitive movements and vocalizations, also known as Tics.

- Tics can include motor, vocal/phonic, or both motor and vocal.

- Examples of motor tics may include: eye blinking, head bobbing or jerking, jumping, twirling, arm jerking, shoulder shrugging, or more purposeful movements.

- Examples of vocal/phonic tics may include: sniffing, throat clearing, coughing, and shouting.

- Tourette Syndrome tends to wax and wane in frequency, in other words, it has its ups and downs.

- Tics may regularly change by type, frequency, and severity in response to internal and external factors such as stress, anxiety, excitement, illness, or for other unknown reasons.

- An estimated one million Americans have Tourette Syndrome and 50% of those are going undiagnosed.

Perfect for ages 6 through 10 and up

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