Goddess: 50 Goddesses, Spirits, Saints, and Other Female Figures Who Have Shaped Belief (British Museum) (Hardcover)

Goddess: 50 Goddesses, Spirits, Saints, and Other Female Figures Who Have Shaped Belief (British Museum) By Dr. Janina Ramirez, Sarah Walsh (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Dr. Janina Ramirez, Sarah Walsh (Illustrator)
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This collection brings together 50 stories of powerful female figures from around the world. There are loving creators, wise leaders, fearsome warriors, gentle healers, and mystical protectors, and they can each inspire you to find strength within yourself . . .

Beautifully written by cultural historian and broadcaster, Dr. Janina Ramirez, and stunningly illustrated by Sarah Walsh, this amazing book contains goddesses, guides, spirits, saints, witches, demons, and many more female figures that have played an important role in shaping belief today. Based on original sources and with photographs from the British Museum collection, this incredible introduction to goddesses throughout history will entertain, engage, and empower readers everywhere.

Divided into thematic chapters, there are important stories of creation and love, action-packed stories of war and death, and heroic stories of great adventure and strength.


Includes a neon pink ribbon bookmark and a jacketed cover with foil and neon pink ink.

List of goddesses featured: Inanna, Athena, Mami Wata, Nut, Ezili Danto, Rhiannon, Xiwangmu, Baba Yaga, Durga, Juno, Venus, Chalchiutitcue, Brigid, Mokosh, Pattini, Ariadne, Asase Yaa, Gaia, Eve, Mawu, Lilith, Sekhmet, Diana, Freyja, Izanami, Anat, Hel, Rangda, Medusa, Kali, Mary, Guanyin, Isis, Hecate, Sarasvati, Tara, Chang’e, Pte San Win, Lakshmi, Popa Medaw, Sedna, Itzpapalotl, Pele, Badb Catha, Oshun, Spider Mother, Tiamat, Amaterasu, Papatuanuku, and Mazu.

About the Author

Dr. Janina Ramirez is a cultural historian who teaches at the University of Oxford. She went to school in Slough, England, is Polish and Irish, and married to a Spanish Scot.

Dr. Ramirez has written many books, some for adults and some for children. She also presents documentaries on television and radio, which allows her to travel the world. But she is happiest at home with her family, four cats, three chickens, and two hamsters. 

Sarah Walsh grew up in upstate New York. When she was little she was obsessed with animals. So much so that she wanted to be one. She was also obsessed with drawing and from a very small age knew in her heart she would be an artist someday. Sarah is an internationally published illustrator of adult coloring books, children’s board books, activity books, and greeting cards. She lives with her family in Kansas City, USA. 

Praise For…

Fifty timeless, fascinating, and instructive female figures in still-vital traditions and cultures all around the world.—Kirkus Reviews
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ISBN: 9798887770109
Publisher: Nosy Crow
Publication Date: September 5th, 2023
Pages: 112
Language: English
Series: British Museum