Enchanted Menehune Tales: Of Gods and Little People (Hardcover)

Enchanted Menehune Tales: Of Gods and Little People By F. M. Barrera Cover Image
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A middle grade/chapter book style of writing appropriate for 5th - 8th grade readers (10-14 yrs.) of four enchanted tales of gods and a race of little people called the menehune. Each chapter is a separate short tale inspired by old Hawaii and the mythical sunken continent of Mu in the Pacific ocean.

1st story: "Pele's children" is about the hidden origin of the menehune people. As one of the gods of Kane, Pele gives birth to the menehune and leads them to Hawaii after the destruction of Mu.

2nd story: "The Talking Idol of Rimac" is about how one man, determined to meet the shining gods of Mu, ushers in a new empire named "Inca".

3rd story: "Painiahi's Tears" tells the tale of how the princess of the menehune people falls into an unrequited love situation with a human.

4th story: "Sachuwaca the totem maker" chronicles how the menehune people learned to carve totem poles and tiki statues.

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ISBN: 9781736330630
ISBN-10: 1736330632
Publisher: Talisman Press
Publication Date: May 22nd, 2021
Pages: 36
Language: English