The store is now open with a few rules. You must wear a mask to enter and stay 6ft. from others. We will still be providing curbside pickup, shipping, etc. for those that prefer not to come into the shop. All orders can be placed over the phone, website, or via e-mail so please continue to shop as usual. We are also back to normal hours 9AM-5:30PM, 9AM-5PM, and 11AM-3PM.

Finally, many of our customers have decided to put money "on account" under their names with one lump sum of money that we draw from as they place orders. This allows for a more hands free environment when shopping as we simply deduct sales from the amount under their names as they shop over time. If you would like to be part of this setup simply call the shop with your name and amount and we will set you up.

We love the personal connection that our bookstore has always provided and we are happy to be open again. While we still cannot see your smiling faces (masks) we are so very happy to have you in again! While we are not back to normal quite yet it is a great start to getting New London shops back in the mix. We cannot thank everyone enough for adjusting their lives to this horrible situation and hope you are all safe and healthy!