Welcome to Morgan Hill Bookstore!
The staff at Morgan Hill Bookstore thanks everyone for all of the continued support over the years. Shopping has now been restored without restriction and we are beginning to feel like a "normal" retail shop again. The storefront is open 7 days a week for in-store shopping and we also use the website, call in, email, and to a smaller extent social media for new orders. We always need the support of our local community, visiting family and friends, the local schools & libraries, etc. It truly does take a village, or in this case a really strong community, to sustain our small little bookshop. The small sacrifices made by all of you that choose to shop locally vs. buying everything online for less is what helps keep the local community vibrant and sustainable in this economy. We truly appreciate the continued support and dedication to New London.
We love the personal connection that our bookstore has always provided and we are happy to see everyone's smiling faces again. Thank you from everyone at Morgan Hill Bookstore!