Welcome to Morgan Hill Bookstore
Morgan Hill Bookstore wants to thank everyone for all of the continued support over the years. With the ease and affordability of shopping online we would not survive as a small retail shop without the dedication and small sacrifices made by the community. Those that understand the importance of shopping locally and supporting the community know that this allows us to support as many of the local organizations who ask us for donations and support. This creates a winning environment for the town. We also feel that every vibrant community starts with a small bookstore and a strong selection of local places to shop and spend time together.
The storefront is open 7 days a week for in-store shopping and we also use our website, call in, email, and to a smaller extent social media for new orders. We truly appreciate the continued support and dedication to New London.
We love the personal connection that our bookstore has always provided and we love seeing everyone's smiling faces when they visit. Thank you from everyone at Morgan Hill Bookstore!