While we have been deemed non-essential we have been allowed to provide curbside pickup as well as non-contact free delivery. This is huge for Morgan HIll as it allows customers to call into the shop during business hours to place orders as they normally would. You can also send Chris an e-mail order and/or any questions you may have about products, in addition to books, that we may be able to recommend. We will also be uploading photos to facebook of different product selections to help make it easier for customer to see and select (non book) items for sale (eg. stuffed animals, Easter selections, puzzles, chocolates, stationery, journals, etc.). We will text and e-mail photos directly to individual customers based on their wishlish items. Customers then simply select the items they want in the photos, give their credit card over the phone, and schedule their curbside pickup or delivery. We also provide our normal booksale option on our website if you know exactly what books you want. Simply put the name of the books in the search engine, select the books needed, and enter credit card information for payment. You can input address information for delivery into website or select pickup at store and we will e-mail you for curbside pickup timeframes. Finally, we have also had a few of our most frequent buyers purchase gift certificates to use for future purchases, use as gifts for others, etc. This allows customers to shop without having to give credit card information every time they want to make a purchase. You buy and use the 5 digit number from the gift certificate on all of your purchases.

Jolie, our reading machine will still be able to recommend books via facebook, e-mail, etc. so keep the questions coming. Judi and Jolie will both wear the delivery driver hats as needed as well! We can't wait to re-open normally but for now we will have to rely on your phone calls, e-mails, and website orders until this is all over. Keep an eye on our facebook page as we have the majority of our customer base connected via that route vs. Instagram and other social media platforms.

We love the personal connection that our bookstore has always provided and will miss all of your smiling faces! Our bookstore community is one that shares stories and conversations in a face-to-face setting vs. online shopping and we will miss that the most during this time. We will share a smile and a thank you through the door when you come to pickup your items but we really look forward to getting back to normal as soon as possible. We cannot thank everyone enough for adjusting their lives to this horrible situation and hope you are all safe and healthy!